Flatbush Zombies

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I recently discovered a Brooklyn trio encircled with childhood friends Erick Arc Elliott, Zombie Juice (Barnacle Bartholomew) and Meechy Darko whom each possess a unique sense of style and produce addictive beats such as "Thug Waffle' or "Face-off". These zombies know how to stay true to what they know best; drinking 40's, waffles, drugs and living life to the fullest while grasping upper level lyricism and flow. Darko has a charisma which has strongly been compared to the late and great Old Dirty Bastard. As Bartholomew hasn't been compared to any big names but he still has more flow coming out his mouth than the Nile and lets his humor and personality shine through lyrics. Erick produces edgy beats which are dark with light electronic synth which comes together in head bumping harmony. The term zombie isn't about walking around aimlessly but rather than dying, it's renewal of life; They don't fear death and that comes through in their songs. These guys really don't have as much hype as they should; so if you like them show your support and share the word.

Here's the song that boosted them into the spotlight "Thug Waffles"

Vinnie Picone did an amazing job filming and directing this video for "Face-off"

Flatbush Zombies

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