An Awesome Wave

Alt-J (∆) just debuted their album "An Awesome Wave" which was just released. Whether you're shredding the hills or cruising through the city this music is perfect for a chill Sunday. The smooth acoustic on top of unique vocals comes together in perfect harmony to create a sound which is unique to the industry. Alt-J's
most successful track so far has been Breezeblocks and they recently released a suspenseful video. Be sure to check it out.

And as a bonus here's my favorite song of the new album Fitzpleasure.

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Kilian Martin - Altered Route (Skateboarding)

Kilian Martin in my eyes is a modern day Rodney Mullen which means he holds incredible board control and balance; the unique style he possesses is a dime a dozen. Brett Novak directed the video and he did an absolutely amazing job. The video is filmed at an abandoned water park and often has cut scenes from when it was functioning to a bare wasteland. This video always gets my day going right. I hope everyone had an interesting Friday and the best part of it all? It's Saturday which means time to get rowdy!

The music was done by Patrick Watson and the song name was "Adventure In My Own Backyard". He is an amazing singer that radiates positive emotions. He could sing and tap his feet and it would sound incredible.. A true musician; have a listen and enjoy!


Dom Kennedy - My Type Of Party

Welcome back to sungFROMspace!

As I'm sure all of you know today is better than any other day to get fucked up. With a couple days recovery before Monday you could do almost anything and get away with it, ah the beauty of Fridays. Dom Kennedy is a LA based rapper that shares the same birthday as I do Aug 22. Dom Kennedy recently released "The Yellow Album" for free download and stream and can be found at http://www.theyellowalbum.com/

Here is his latest video My Type of Party - Dom Kennedy


Go Skateboarding Day!

Welcome back to sungFROMspace! Today I bring you a beautiful track from the Little Comets called "Language Is Over". This track is extreamly easy on the ears and is a great summer tune. Today is also national Go Skateboarding Day!
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Thanks and enjoy!


Bringing the Funk

Welcome back to sungFROMspace!

Gonna be bringing that FUNK today! T.Rice is an Auckland true music lover and he has a unique perspective on his boogiefunk edits. His smooth beats and groove based downbeats will take you out of your seat and have you moving in seconds; my personal favorite from his collection is a jam I could bump in rain/shine/snow/sleet any day of the week any occasion. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out his soundcloud for other mixes:


New GZA + Neil Degrasse Tyson Collab

Welcome back to sungFROMspace!

Wu-Tang Clan's very own GZA the Genius has been meeting with Neil Degrasse Tyson who is an American astrophysicist and in my eyes, the smartest and most innovating man alive. The album Dark Matter will be stripped off everything apart from the planets, "There's no parental advisory, no profanity, no nudity,". Brooklyn born Gary Grice (GZA) never really thought that hip-hop listeners would be into an album to do with astrophysics but is hoping that the listener will be in touch with their curiosity. It seems that GZA has been innovating progressive rap; by progressive rap I mean that rather than listening to someone talk about who they shot, their learning about the cosmos and actually benefiting and expanding their minds; Dark Matter is set to release sometime this fall. His next big project will be focused on life aquatic, he's already started meeting with marine biologists and researchers including Philippe Cousteau.

Here's my favorite jam from GZA called "Liquid Swords"

GZA recalling block parties, the Bronx and getting into trouble in a quick skit.


Happy Fathers Day!

Welcome back to sungFROMspace! Today as i'm sure everyone knows is a day we praise our father figures for always being there. Here's an oldschool jam by Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs written in 1991 called "Be A Father To Your Child". Strong lyrics on top of a smooth beat is the essence of relaxation; so sit back and enjoy and Happy Fathers Day!



Welcome back to SF Space. Today we have a new banger from the Philadelphia born but Baltimore based rapper e-dubble. He's been working on the new EP titles Slated which will release some time in 2012; e-dubble consistently impresses me with his unique rapping style and instrumental selection. Recording songs straight from the radio onto his fisher price boombox's tape deck he began mixing groups like Tribe called Quest, Dr. Dre to Bruce Springsteen. Highly inspired by Warren G, Wu-Tang Clan and Notorious B.I.G so make sure to keep an eye out for him.http://www.e-dubble.com


SF Space is Back!

First of all SF Space is back and better than ever, with all of this time off I have more bangin tracks than ever before. Welcome and Enjoy the Stay!

This first post back is going to be a quick spotlight on Joey Badass; A 17 year old residing in Brooklyn, New York representing the Pro-Era (Progressive Era). The name Joey Badass is contradictory to itself because he embodies peace but can get wild at times. He knew the words the Hypnotize when he was 2 years old. Get used to his face because you'll be seeing it everywhere; he just dropped his first mixtape 1999 for free download so be sure to check it out!

Here's one of the songs that helped Joey Bada$$ blowup.

1999 Mixtape (Free DL)