New GZA + Neil Degrasse Tyson Collab

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Wu-Tang Clan's very own GZA the Genius has been meeting with Neil Degrasse Tyson who is an American astrophysicist and in my eyes, the smartest and most innovating man alive. The album Dark Matter will be stripped off everything apart from the planets, "There's no parental advisory, no profanity, no nudity,". Brooklyn born Gary Grice (GZA) never really thought that hip-hop listeners would be into an album to do with astrophysics but is hoping that the listener will be in touch with their curiosity. It seems that GZA has been innovating progressive rap; by progressive rap I mean that rather than listening to someone talk about who they shot, their learning about the cosmos and actually benefiting and expanding their minds; Dark Matter is set to release sometime this fall. His next big project will be focused on life aquatic, he's already started meeting with marine biologists and researchers including Philippe Cousteau.

Here's my favorite jam from GZA called "Liquid Swords"

GZA recalling block parties, the Bronx and getting into trouble in a quick skit.


Pat Hatt said...

Great tune and the video was well animated too.

The Angry Lurker said...

That's good, really good!

AguiLeon said...

sound good i like it

Matt said...

Great song, really enjoyed the animated skit too.