Lunice X The Good Kids + Rock The Bells

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I am currently shaking in anticipation because I fly from Vancouver, BC to San Bernardino, CA tomorrow for Rock The Bells which is a 2 day music festival with everyone and anyone who is progressing rap/hip-hop. The setlist is a thing of beauty but it's suppose to be hot down there.. and by hot; I mean mucho picante! I still have to pack so this is a short post but here's a Lunice X The Good Kids collaborative video which I know you'll enjoy.

Lunice Good Kids video from SHOT BY JFK on Vimeo.


New A$AP Rocky & Kid Cudi

Welcome back to sungFROMspace. Today I have two recent bangers that were released by a couple of my favorite artists. First one is Cudi's "Just What Iam" from his upcoming album Indicudi. When the kid took a break from weed I have to say that the music he was producing was trying to be too different and progressive from his true roots and he began to lose himself but is back with this new track. Secondly is A$AP Rocky releasing visuals from his upcoming A$AP Mob album "Lord$ Never Worry" with the song Purple Kisses. Kid Cudi - Just What Iam A$AP Rocky - Purple Kisses


New A$AP for the weekend

Welcome back to sungFROMspace.

A$AP Rocky has released a new banger just in time for the weekend labeled "Pussy Money Weed". Although it won't be featured on next anticipated album it's definitely worth a listen.

Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank) [New Video]

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Kendrick Lamar has set been continually stepping up and pushing the boarders of the rap game; solidifying his name as the west coast king. With some of the most incredible flow and style, Kendrick appears to be one of the least egotistical rappers out there because he lets the fans do the talking for him which I admire and respect.

Here's the new video for Swimming Pools.